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Stackable Yes (64)
Item ID dec:150:11
Added by RedPower2

The Thermopile generates Blutricity energy utilizing thermal differences of adjacent blocks. It allows for the production of Blutricity without the use of Solar Panels.

Works when placed between Lava and Water (or Ice). Place lava under it and water on all four sides, and have a Blue Alloy Wire coming out of the top.

Power Output

Using a Voltmeter it is possible to read the power output of a Thermopile.

File:2012-08-20 21.10.50.png
Thermopile with stable 0.46A output.

Connecting one Thermopile (with a lava block under it and four surrounding water blocks) to a Battery Box through a Blue Alloy Wire will produce an output between 0.46A and 0.50A

Bear in mind that each Blue Alloy Wire between the Thermopile and the Battery Box will reduce the output by ~0.01A.

File:2012-09-05 12.58.51.png
String of seven thermopiles.


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