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Redpower Machine has the basics for the future Blutricity system. It has only two blocks that produce power and a handful of blocks that consume it, but other ways of producing and using power are to be added. When working with blutricity there are a few rules that should be considered:

  1. All blulectric components conduct blutricity, so wires only serve the purpose of transmitting it over long(ish) distances.
    File:2012-09-05 11.56.46.png
    An example of rule #1
  2. In Redpower, amps is the measure of blulectric current (like in reality) where as volts are a measure of the potential difference, once again like reality (this is a simplification, but it is sufficient for what currently exists in the blulectric system)
  3. In most blulectric machines there are two bars, one with a battery icon, one with a lightning bolt icon. The battery icon is an indicator of the internal storage of that machine. The lightning bolt icon indicates the power consumption of the machine. (A full bar will mean the machine operates fastest, an empty bar means it doesn't do anything). The internal storage bar must be above the red level before it will power the machine.
  4. The battery box will send out power once the first bar is above the red level. Once the first bar is in the green level, it will transfer power to its second bar for additional storage.

It should be noted that blue alloy wires reduce any power traveling through it by 0.01 volts per wire. Currently, the amount of blutricity machines require is low compared to the amount of power they can hold internally. Two solar panels may take a minute to fill a battery box, but they would be able to maintain a system of a dozen sorters without difficulty.


Blue Alloy Wire

Solar Panel (RedPower)


Blulectric Furnace

Blulectric Alloy Furnace

Battery Box

Sorting Machine


Frame Motor

Video Tutorials


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