Block Breaker

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Block Breaker
Name Block Breaker
Type Machine
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminance No
Blast Resistance ?
Tool Grid Wood Pickaxe.png
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value dec:150:1
Mod Included RedPower2
File:2012-08-14 17.24.47.png
Fitting 4 block breakers on to 1 lava block
Block Breakers facing different directions.

The Block Breaker is used for tasks such as building automated cobblestone factories, wheat, flax, or sugar cane farms.

On recieving a Redstone signal, the Block Breaker will break the block in front of it and flush it out the back. It can put the harvested item into an attached Pneumatic Tube. Note that despite using an iron pickaxe in the recipe, Block Breaker will break Obsidian, Dark Matter Blocks, and Red Matter Blocks and will do so much faster than any normal pickaxe, meaning this is a great way to get Obsidian for going into the Nether if you haven't found enough Diamonds yet for making a Diamond Pickaxe, meaning you can more quickly start working on Equivalent Exchange items. There are some great ways to utilize this such as making large Cobblestone generator factories, or even Obsidian farms. You can also use it to create tree farms with the correct knowlege of redstone timing.

There is a strange bug where block breakers will stop working at the altitude of y = 200 and up.

You can hook this up to a Automatic crafting table to make half slabs. 3 cobblestone blocks = 1 EMC each, into 6 half-slabs = 1 EMC each, making you get twice what you would get if you just led the cobblestone into a energy condenser.

The block breaker has an EMC of 1322, using the following materials:

2x Stick (4 EMC Each)

10x Cobblestone (1 EMC Each)

4x Iron Ingot (256 EMC Each)

2x Redstone (64 EMC Each)

3xWooden Plank (8 EMC Each)



This block is the answer to the dreams of those people who like full automation in their production lines. It is commonly used for processes like Cobblestone Generators, as a simple redstone pulse will create a perpetual motion machine to create a never ending supply of cobblestone from a lava and a water source. Theoretically, you can use an infinite (until the height limits are reached) amount of block breakers on to a single lava source for cobble generation. The pulse can be created either using a RedPower2 Timer or a simple redstone clock. The current can then be delivered either with Redstone Dust or Red Alloy Wires.

This method can also be useful in combination with an Energy Condenser from Equivalent Exchange to make an infinite source of EMC. Even though it will take some time to build up enough EMC to make items of high value (As a piece of cobblestone only has a value of 1 EMC), one can easily mitigate this issue by using several cobblestone generators.

In multiplayer, Block Breakers can also break Personal Safes, sending ONLY the Safe out of the Block Breaker, the items get destroyed. This may be considered griefing or stealing on the majority of servers.


  • The Block Breaker's bottom faces the player during placement.
  • A Screwdriver or Sonic Screwdriver is required to change the direction of the Block Breaker.
  • Factions, and other land protection mods can prevent Block Breakers from working, so make sure if your server has factions, you do not have your block breakers in a piece of claimed land.
  • WARNING: Using LogBlock on your server this block when used in cobblestone generators can cause it to jam up due to blocks being created and destroyed in such quick succession.
  • If using on a cobble stone generator, having a timer at 1.5 seconds will set off the block breaker right as cobble is generated.
  • Using a block breaker on Ice, Glass, or Monster Spawner will Not produce anything.

Video Tutorial

<YouTube height=142 width=222> GQDbBCgWLQs </YouTube>

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