Pneumatic Tube

Pneumatic Tube


Type RedPower Machines
Tool Grid Iron Pickaxe.png
Stackable Yes (64)
Item ID 136:2048
Added by RedPower2

Pneumatic Tubes are used to transport items. They have automatic internal routing; sending items to the closest valid destination. Valid destinations are any block with an inventory, such as Chests, Deployers, and Furnaces. If an inventory fills up and cannot accept any more items, it will cease to be a valid destination and items will be sent to the next valid destination. If no valid destinations exist, the tube will bounce back the items into the sender, (for example a Sorting Machine) and will no longer send.

Items without a valid destination will bounce around in the Pneumatic Tubes until one becomes available.

Items are most commonly supplied to the tubes using Filters, Transposers, Sorting Machines, and Block Breakers.



Redstone Tube

Restriction Tube


File:Pneumatic Tube Usage.png
Painted Pneumatic Tubes distributing into two chests.

*You could create an "Adapter" to change Pneumatic Tubes to BuildCraft Pipes by connecting the tube to a chest as an input, and having pipes coming out another side of the chest powered by an Engine.

  • Although they appear to, Pneumatic Tubes don't connect to BuildCraft Pipes, so seperation is unnecessary.
  • a popular saying among redpower fans is? "anything bd craft can do redpower can do better."

Video Tutorial

<youtube width=222 height=142>VXq8g1X0AOk</youtube>

<youtube width=222 height=142> pso5CNvqr38 </youtube>

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