Dark Matter Armor

Dark Matter Armor
File:Grid Dark Matter Helmet.png
File:Grid Dark Matter Chestplate.png
File:Grid Dark Matter Legs.png
File:Grid Dark Matter Boots.png
The full set.
Type Armor
Stackable No
Data Value dec: ?
EMC Value 696,320 (Helmet)
1,114,112 (Chest)
974,848 (Pants)
557,056 (Boots)
Mod Included Equivalent Exchange

Dark Matter Armor is very resistant but not quite indestructable. It takes a total of 24 units of Dark Matter to create a full set of Dark Matter Armor, equivalent to 408 Diamonds. Dark Matter Armor is slightly more effective than other armors, and having a full set will give you 80% damage reduction. Dark Matter Armor will make the player invincible to lava, drowning damage and all mobs. Fall damage and explosives will still damage the player slightly (Creepers,TNT). It can be upgraded to Red Matter Armor for even more damage reduction.

Due to the fact that the Nanosuit can be instantly broken by the Nano Saber, the Dark Matter Armor set is a better alternative in multiplayer games until either the Quantum Armor is obtained or the suit is upgraded to Red Matter. Also, since the armor requires no fuel and has no durability, no energy needs to be directed into keeping the suit active.

Relative EMC value: 3,342,336.


Helmet = 696,320

Chest = 1,114,112

Greaves = 974,848

Boots = 557,056

Full Set =3,342,336

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