Nano Saber

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Nano Saber On and Off

The Nano Saber is a highly advanced sword with infinite durability. The right mouse button toggles it on and off. When on, it uses EU, but it can inflict 10 hearts of damage in one hit. If "off", however, it does 1 heart of damage.

It stores a maximum of 40,000 EU, being charged by an MFE unit, MFS unit or Charging Bench (MK2 or MK3). It can also be charged using a LapPack when equipped on the torso armor section. It is one of the only weapons effective against Nano Armor and Quantum Armor, de-charging them much faster than other weapons. It can destroy fully charged Nano Armor (not uncharged) in one hit.



  • The Nano saber can kill a Creeper in 1 hit if on, but it will take 5 hits to kill a Creeper when off.
  • Giants, Zombies, Endermen and Zombie Pigman are the only mobs that can survive a hit with a Nano Saber on.


  • Sometimes in multiplayer and singleplayer, the Nano Saber, when activated by right clicking, will flash in between the "on" and "off" textures. It will also appear to slide on and off the screen, as if scrolling through items in the hotbar. It will still consume power while glitching out, and will stop flashing when right clicking to turn the Saber off. So far, there is no confirmed way that always works to get around this. In the Latest Build of Tekkit as of 11-16-12 This bug is almost fixed and barely noticeable. However there are more bugs to the list.

Video Tutorial

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