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You managed to install Tekkit and have no clue what to do? You've come to the right place.

Joining a server

The Techworld Tekkit Server is one of the best servers out there, featuring a full economy system, Towns and great community, as well as friendly staff.


First of all, there are varying controls from the Minecraft Vanilla game.


  • R - When you hover over one of the items in your inventory or the new sidebar added by the NEI mod with your mouse and press R, you can see its Recipe. This is great for learning all the recipes without having to look them up online.
  • U - When you hover one of the items in your inventory with your mouse and press U, you can see in what crafting recipes it is used. Useful when you mine an ore and don't know what the hell it's for.

Other controls

M - Added by Industrial Craft - Toggles various modes for the currently equipped tool. The Electric Wrench has two modes for example. V - Equivalent Exchange - +1 Charge Sneak + V - Equivalent Exchange - -1 Charge C - Equivalent Exchange - Alternate option, some items have it, others don't. G - Equivalent Exchange - Activate option, if an item can be activated. R - Equivalent Exchange - Use option, many items just use right click. Some items have an extra function tied to R.

New Blocks

Ores can now be found in the Nether too. See Nether Ores.


Once you have survived a couple of nights and set up a nice base, your first goal will be to gather enough iron to make a Generator and start producing some electricity!

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