NanoSuit Bodyarmor

The NanoSuit Bodyarmor.

The NanoSuit Body Armor is the chestplate of the NanoSuit Armor set.

NanoSuit Body Armor needs to be charged with at least 32 EU to have it negate damage. A full set will negate nearly all damage done to player. It is also used in crafting the QuantumSuit Armor set (the QuantumSuit Body Armor).

The NanoSuit Body Armor needs many pieces ofCoal Dust, so Overclocker Upgrades in your Macerator or Rotary Macerator is recommended to speed up the process of creating this armor (Note that Overclocker Upgrades in a Rotary Macerator may not be necessary if the heat is up the the max).

You may also want to use Overclocker Upgrades in your Compressor or Singularity Compressor to speed up the process of the compression of your Raw Carbon Mesh (Note that also in theSingularity Compressor you may not need Overclocker Upgrades if the heat is up to the max).

When using a full suit of NanoSuit armor, it will protect you from a  Nuke from four paces. The NanoSuit Body Armor piece will never break, it only needs to re-charge, which is useful due to that only the QuantumSuit Body Armor set can re-charge. Unlike the QuantumSuit Body Armor , the only "special" thing the NanoSuit Body Armor can do is negate a high percentage of damage.

A full suit of NanoSuit Armor can be almost completely destroyed with aNano Saber in 1-2 hits when it's activated, depending on how much charge the NanoSuit Body Armor piece has.


Carbon Plate

Carbon Plate

Carbon Plate

Energy Crystal

Carbon Plate

Carbon Plate

Carbon Plate

Carbon Plate

Nano Body Armor


This armor can be charged at either an MFE, MFSU, Mk2 Charging Bench or a Mk3 Charging Bench and can, like all NanoSuit Armor, hold 100,000 EU.


QuantumSuit Body Armor

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