Volcanite Amulet

Volcanite Amulet

File:Volcanite Amulet.png

Type EE Power Items
Stackable No
Item ID 27531
Added by Equivalent Exchange

The Volcanite Amulet is a tool for placing and manipulating lava.

6 x 832 (Lava Bucket) + 3 x 139,264 (Dark Matter) = 422,784 EMC each.



A powerful tool that can easily make a mess of your world if not used cautiously. The Volcanite Amulet has five pertinent powers.

Pressing [Release Charge] key fires a volcanite projectile, a slow moving-lava bolt. If it comes relatively near any water block, it will evaporate that block instantly. This function is free. If it comes in contact with the sky while raining, however, it will halt precipitation, and consume 1 Redstone Dust. Upon striking the ground, naturally, the Volcanite projectile will use 1 redstone dust and produce lava.

Upon striking a foe or creature, it will set that creature on deadly fire, doing a strong hit of fire damage and setting it on fire for an extended duration, at the cost of 2 redstone dust. If the alchemist has no reagents, however, the Volcanite will do a meager single point of damage, and the fire will flicker only briefly.

When right clicking any block face, the amulet will consume 2 redstone dust and create a block of lava . The Volcanite can also be charged to a max of 8 levels and produce a large row or column of lava, each block consuming 2 gunpowder. This is useful for laying out large sections of obsidian-fodder.

Similar to the Evertide, the Volcanite has the power to "walk on lava", and as long as it is equipped, it grants lava and fire immunity (see note below if using Aether mod).

The [Extra Function] of Volcanite (whether charged or not) will evaporate any water near you. Charging the Volcanite up increases the range of the water-vaporizing effect, to a max of 17x17x17 surrounding the player. The Volcanite will destroy your oceans.

In addition to creating lava in the world, the Volcanite Amulet can create lava buckets in the crafting grid.

It also can be used to craft Infernal Armor.


In SMP, the lava walking function does not appear to work in both the Nether and Overworld.

Video Tutorial

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