Red Matter Armor

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Red Matter Armor
File:Grid Red Matter Helmet.png
File:Grid Red Matter Chestplate.png
File:Grid Red Matter Legs.png
File:Grid Red Matter Boots.png
The full set.
Name Red Matter Armor
EMC Value 14,548,992
Mod Included Equivalent Exchange

Red Matter Armor is an upgraded version of Dark Matter Armor that offers 90% damage reduction rather than 80%, as long as you are wearing the full set. It can later be upgraded into Gem Armor. Confirmed weaknesses to the armor are fall damage, explosions and musket shots.

It yields a 90% damage reduction and technically gives the player 1000 HP. With a Red Katar, it takes 86 hits to kill somebody with a full set of this armour, and an Active Nano Saber, 100 hits, though it is heavily not advised as a Nano Saber will deplete before reaching 100 hits, and is relatively ineffective against non-Nano Suit users, but with a Red Katar, it is the best melee weapon to defeat a person with this armour.

This armour's only proper weakness is explosions. Hyperkinetic Lens logically makes sense to be their worst nightmare if a opponent wields it, but if the user of the armour is flying, it is reasonably ineffective to a extent, depending on how far the user is off from the ground, leaving it to stay as the Red Katar being most effective.

It has been set to be removed, along with other Red Matter Armor and Gem armors in Equivelant Exchange 3.


  • In Tekkit 3.1 the Red Matter Leggings show part of a chestplate and boots instead of the Leggings, meaning when fully equipped with Red Matter Armor your legs will be exposed. This does not affect the armor's defensive capabilities in any way.


Red Matter Helmet

Red Matter Chestplate

Red Matter Leggings

Red Matter Boots


Abyss Helmet

Infernal Armor

Gravity Greaves

Hurricane Boots

Video Tutorial

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