Divining Rod

File:Divining Rod.gif
The three levels of the Divining Rod.

The Divining Rod scans an area depending on orientation and provides information about the EMC values of the mineable blocks in that area. The information varies according to the level of the Divining Rod.

The Divining Rod comes in three levels; each level adds greater accuracy and longer scanning distances, as shown in the table below.

A possible bug has been observed by some users where the divining rod consumes fuel when in the inventory.


Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3:


Right-click a block in the direction you wish to scan with a Divining Rod selected. Change modes with the Toggle Active key. (By default: "G").

The levels of Divining Rod provide the following information:

Level Modes Information Provided
1File:Grid Divining Low.png Short Range Average EMC value of blocks in scanned area
2File:Grid Divining Mid.png Short Range
Mid Range
Average EMC value of blocks in scanned area
Best EMC value found
3File:Grid Divining High.png Short Range
Mid Range
Long Range
Average EMC value of blocks in scanned area
Best, second-best and third-best EMC values found
Modes Scanning Dimensions
Short Range 3x3x3
Mid Range 16x3x3
Long Range 64x3x3


You are standing above ground looking down and right-click holding a level 3 Divining Rod. Three values come up:

Best Found: 8192 Second: 256 Third: 4

This means there is at least one mineable block under you worth 8192 EMC (Diamond Ore), a second worth 256 (Iron Ore or Tin Ore) and a third worth 4 (Gravel).

Note: The divining rod does not appear to detect the proper EMC values for: nikolite, ruby, sapphire, and emerald ores (Value is reported as "1").

EMC Values

The table below shows the various blocks you can mine with their respective EMC values, as seen with the Divining Rod.

Block EMC Value


Cobblestone 1
Dirt 1


Stone 1
Gravel 4
Lapis Lazuli Ore 32-64
Obsidian 64
Copper Ore


Coal Ore 128
Nikolite Ore


Mossy Cobblestone 145
Apatite Ore


Clay 256
Iron Ore 256
Tin Ore


Redstone Ore 320
Silver Ore


Emerald Ore


Ruby Ore


Sapphire Ore


Gold Ore 2,048


Diamond Ore 8,192
Tungsten Ore



Video Tutorial


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