|Mod     = Mod name
| Input  = Normal input
|MInput  = Mod input
|IA      = Input number
| Output = Normal output
|MOutput = Mod output
|OA      = Output number
| Fuel   = Normal fuel
|MFuel   = Mod fuel
|FA      = Fuel number

Standard usage

|Input=  Sand  |IA= 17
|Output= Glass |OA= 2
|Fuel=   Coal  |FA= 3

The IA, OA and FA fields accept 2 - 999, anything else isn't displayed.

See the image list below for all usable image names.


To make the grid animate, you make a list of blocks and objects you want to show, separated by commas.

|Input=  Sand,Oak Wood  |IA= 17,10
|Output= Glass,Charcoal |OA= 2,10
|Fuel=   Coal           |FA= 3

Expression error: Unrecognised punctuation character ",". Expression error: Unrecognised punctuation character ",".


Mod images and normal images can be combined by putting an M in front of the parameter name for mod images. This allows you to use normal Minecraft items and link to their correct pages.

When uploading mod images, they must have the mod page name in parenthesis at the end. For example Road (FancyPack).

|Mod= FancyPack
| Input=  Gravel |IA= 64
|MOutput= Road   |OA= 2
| Fuel=   Coal   |FA= 5

Note the links of the Road, Gravel and Coal.

Animation for mods is supported, but cannot be combined with non-mod items. (e.g. you cannot use |MInput=Stick,Copper (Ingot)|Output=|MFuel=Copper (Ingot), but you can use: |MInput=Copper (Ingot),Copper Axe|Output=Iron,Stick|MFuel=Copper (Ingot))

The layout images can also be modified, for example:

|Mod= IndustrialCraft
|MInput=  Hydrated Coal Dust       |IA= 12
|MOutput= Compressed hyd Coalclump |OA= 4
|MFuel=   RE Battery (Charged)     |FA= 
|FuelUsage= Electricity
|Progress= Compressor

Images should be put in Category:Grid mods layout.

Available images


Stone Grid Stone.png Grass Grid Grass.png Dirt Grid Dirt.png Bedrock File:Grid Bedrock.png Sand Grid Sand.png Gravel Grid Gravel.png
Sandstone Grid Sandstone.png Cobweb File:Grid Cobweb.png Moss Stone Grid Moss Stone.png Obsidian Grid Obsidian.png Monster Spawner File:Grid Monster Spawner.png Ice File:Grid Ice.png
Clay (Block) File:Grid Clay (Block).png Stone Brick File:Grid Stone Brick.png Mossy Stone Brick Grid Mossy Stone Brick.png Cracked Stone Brick Grid Cracked Stone Brick.png Mycelium Grid Mycelium.png
Cobblestone Grid Cobblestone.png Wooden Plank Grid Wooden Plank.png Glass Grid Glass.png Glass Pane Grid Glass Pane.png Lapis Lazuli (Block) File:Grid Lapis Lazuli (Block).png Gold (Block) File:Grid Gold (Block).png
Iron (Block) Grid Iron (Block).png Diamond (Block) File:Grid Diamond (Block).png Double Stone Slab File:Grid Double Stone Slab.png Stone Slab Grid Stone Slab.png Sandstone Slab File:Grid Sandstone Slab.png Wooden Slab File:Grid Wooden Slab.png
Cobblestone Slab File:Grid Cobblestone Slab.png Bricks Slab File:Grid Bricks Slab.png Stone Bricks Slab File:Grid Stone Bricks Slab.png Brick (Block) File:Grid Brick (Block).png Bookshelf File:Grid Bookshelf.png Wooden Stairs File:Grid Wooden Stairs.png
Cobblestone Stairs File:Grid Cobblestone Stairs.png Brick Stairs File:Grid Brick Stairs.png Stone Brick Stairs Grid Stone Brick Stairs.png Farmland File:Grid Farmland.png Ladders File:Grid Ladders.png Snow (Block) File:Grid Snow (Block).png
Fence File:Grid Fence.png Fence Gate File:Grid Fence Gate.png Jack-O-Lantern File:Grid Jack-O-Lantern.png Iron Bars File:Grid Iron Bars.png
White Wool Grid White Wool.png Light Gray Wool File:Grid Light Gray Wool.png Gray Wool File:Grid Gray Wool.png Black Wool File:Grid Black Wool.png Red Wool File:Grid Red Wool.png Orange Wool File:Grid Orange Wool.png
Yellow Wool File:Grid Yellow Wool.png Lime Wool File:Grid Lime Wool.png Green Wool File:Grid Green Wool.png Cyan Wool File:Grid Cyan Wool.png Light Blue Wool File:Grid Light Blue Wool.png Blue Wool File:Grid Blue Wool.png
Purple Wool File:Grid Purple Wool.png Magenta Wool File:Grid Magenta Wool.png Pink Wool File:Grid Pink Wool.png Brown Wool File:Grid Brown Wool.png
Sponge File:Grid Sponge.png Dispenser File:Grid Dispenser.png Note Block Grid Note Block.png TNT Grid TNT.png Chest Grid Chest.png Locked Chest File:Grid Locked Chest.png
Crafting Table Grid Crafting Table.png Furnace Grid Furnace.png Jukebox File:Grid Jukebox.png Cake File:Grid Cake.png Enchantment Table File:Grid Enchantment Table.png Bed File:Grid Bed.png
Cauldron File:Grid Cauldron.png Brewing Stand File:Grid Brewing Stand.png
Redstone (Torch) Grid Redstone (Torch).png Redstone Repeater Grid Redstone Repeater.png Lever Grid Lever.png Stone Button File:Grid Stone Button.png Wooden Pressure Plate File:Grid Wooden Pressure Plate.png Stone Pressure Plate File:Grid Stone Pressure Plate.png
Rails File:Grid Rails.png Powered Rail Grid Powered Rail.png Detector Rail Grid Detector Rail.png Wooden Door File:Grid Wooden Door.png Iron Door File:Grid Iron Door.png Trapdoor File:Grid Trapdoor.png
Piston Grid Piston.png Sticky Piston File:Grid Sticky Piston.png
Leaves File:Grid Leaves.png Leaves (Pine) File:Grid Leaves (Pine).png Leaves (Birch) File:Grid Leaves (Birch).png Leaves (Jungle) File:Grid Leaves (Jungle).png Wood Grid Wood.png Wood (Pine) File:Grid Wood (Pine).png
Wood (Birch) File:Grid Wood (Birch).png Wood (Jungle) File:Grid Wood (Jungle).png Cactus Grid Cactus.png Pumpkin File:Grid Pumpkin.png Melon (Block) File:Grid Melon (Block).png Vines Grid Vines.png
Lily Pad File:Grid Lily Pad.png Huge Brown Mushroom File:Grid Huge Brown Mushroom.png Huge Red Mushroom File:Grid Huge Red Mushroom.png
Coal (Ore) File:Grid Coal (Ore).png Diamond (Ore) File:Grid Diamond (Ore).png Gold (Ore) File:Grid Gold (Ore).png Iron (Ore) File:Grid Iron (Ore).png Lapis Lazuli (Ore) File:Grid Lapis Lazuli (Ore).png Redstone (Ore) File:Grid Redstone (Ore).png
Water Grid Water.png Lava Grid Lava.png
Torch Grid Torch.png Sign File:Grid Sign.png Fire File:Grid Fire.png Portal File:Grid Portal.png End Portal File:Grid End Portal.png
The Nether
Glowstone (Block) File:Grid Glowstone (Block).png Netherrack Grid Netherrack.png Soul Sand Grid Soul Sand.png Nether Brick File:Grid Nether Brick.png Nether Brick Stairs File:Grid Nether Brick Stairs.png Nether Brick Fence File:Grid Nether Brick Fence.png
Nether Wart File:Grid Nether Wart.png
The End
End Portal Frame File:Grid End Portal Frame.png White Stone File:Grid White Stone.png Dragon Egg File:Grid Dragon Egg.png


Raw Materials
Bone Grid Bone.png Book Grid Book.png Clay (Item) Grid Clay (Item).png Clay (Brick) File:Grid Clay (Brick).png Coal (Item) Grid Coal (Item).png Charcoal (Item) File:Grid Charcoal (Item).png
Diamond (Gem) Grid Diamond (Gem).png Feather Grid Feather.png Flint Grid Flint.png Glowstone (Dust) File:Grid Glowstone (Dust).png Gold (Ingot) File:Grid Gold (Ingot).png Gunpowder Grid Gunpowder.png
Iron (Ingot) Grid Iron (Ingot).png Leather Grid Leather.png Paper Grid Paper.png Redstone (Dust) File:Grid Redstone (Dust).png Slimeball File:Grid Slimeball.png Stick Grid Stick.png
String File:Grid String.png Ender Pearl Grid Ender Pearl.png
Red Apple File:Grid Red Apple.png Bread Grid Bread.png Cooked Fish File:Grid Cooked Fish.png Cooked Porkchop File:Grid Cooked Porkchop.png Egg File:Grid Egg.png Golden Apple File:Grid Golden Apple.png
Milk Bucket File:Grid Milk Bucket.png Mushroom Stew File:Grid Mushroom Stew.png Raw Fish File:Grid Raw Fish.png Raw Porkchop File:Grid Raw Porkchop.png Sugar File:Grid Sugar.png Wheat Grid Wheat.png
Cookie File:Grid Cookie.png Melon (Slice) Grid Melon (Slice).png Raw Beef File:Grid Raw Beef.png Steak File:Grid Steak.png Raw Chicken File:Grid Raw Chicken.png Cooked Chicken File:Grid Cooked Chicken.png
Rotten Flesh File:Grid Rotten Flesh.png
Alchemical Ingredients
Blaze Rod Grid Blaze Rod.png Blaze Powder Grid Blaze Powder.png Fermented Spider Eye File:Grid Fermented Spider Eye.png Ghast Tear File:Grid Ghast Tear.png Glistering Melon File:Grid Glistering Melon.png Gold Nugget File:Grid Gold Nugget.png
Nether Wart Seeds File:Grid Nether Wart Seeds.png Magma Cream File:Grid Magma Cream.png Spider Eye Grid Spider Eye.png
Water Bottle File:Grid Water Bottle.png Mundane Potion File:Grid Mundane Potion.png Awkward Potion File:Grid Awkward Potion.png Thick Potion File:Grid Thick Potion.png Potion of Healing File:Grid Potion of Healing.png Potion of Fire Resistance File:Grid Potion of Fire Resistance.png
Potion of Harming File:Grid Potion of Harming.png Potion of Poison File:Grid Potion of Poison.png Potion of Regeneration File:Grid Potion of Regeneration.png Potion of Slowness File:Grid Potion of Slowness.png Potion of Strength File:Grid Potion of Strength.png Potion of Swiftness File:Grid Potion of Swiftness.png
Potion of Weakness File:Grid Potion of Weakness.png
Splash Potions
Splash Mundane Potion File:Grid Splash Mundane Potion.png Splash Potion of Healing File:Grid Splash Potion of Healing.png Splash Potion of Fire Resistance File:Grid Splash Potion of Fire Resistance.png Splash Potion of Harming File:Grid Splash Potion of Harming.png Splash Potion of Poison File:Grid Splash Potion of Poison.png Splash Potion of Regeneration File:Grid Splash Potion of Regeneration.png
Splash Potion of Slowness File:Grid Splash Potion of Slowness.png Splash Potion of Strength File:Grid Splash Potion of Strength.png Splash Potion of Swiftness File:Grid Splash Potion of Swiftness.png Splash Potion of Weakness File:Grid Splash Potion of Weakness.png Bottle o' Enchanting File:Grid Bottle o' Enchanting.png
Rose File:Grid Rose.png Dandelion File:Grid Dandelion.png Red Mushroom File:Grid Red Mushroom.png Brown Mushroom File:Grid Brown Mushroom.png Sapling Grid Sapling.png Sapling Birch File:Grid Sapling Birch.png
Sapling Spruce File:Grid Sapling Spruce.png Sapling Jungle File:Grid Sapling Jungle.png Sugar Cane Grid Sugar Cane.png Dead Bush File:Grid Dead Bush.png Tall Grass1 File:Grid Tall Grass1.png Tall Grass2 File:Grid Tall Grass2.png
Tall Grass3 File:Grid Tall Grass3.png Seeds Grid Seeds.png Melon Seeds File:Grid Melon Seeds.png Pumpkin Seeds File:Grid Pumpkin Seeds.png
Wool Dyes
Bone Meal File:Grid Bone Meal.png Light Gray Dye File:Grid Light Gray Dye.png Gray Dye File:Grid Gray Dye.png Ink Sac Grid Ink Sac.png Rose Red Grid Rose Red.png Orange Dye File:Grid Orange Dye.png
Dandelion Yellow Grid Dandelion Yellow.png Lime Dye File:Grid Lime Dye.png Cactus Green Grid Cactus Green.png Cyan Dye File:Grid Cyan Dye.png Light Blue Dye File:Grid Light Blue Dye.png Lapis Lazuli (Dye) Grid Lapis Lazuli (Dye).png
Purple Dye File:Grid Purple Dye.png Magenta Dye File:Grid Magenta Dye.png Pink Dye File:Grid Pink Dye.png Cocoa Beans Grid Cocoa Beans.png
Bowl File:Grid Bowl.png Clock File:Grid Clock.png Compass File:Grid Compass.png Fishing Rod File:Grid Fishing Rod.png Flint and Steel Grid Flint and Steel.png Saddle File:Grid Saddle.png
Wooden Axe File:Grid Wooden Axe.png Gold Axe File:Grid Gold Axe.png Stone Axe File:Grid Stone Axe.png Iron Axe File:Grid Iron Axe.png Diamond Axe File:Grid Diamond Axe.png Shears File:Grid Shears.png
Wooden Hoe File:Grid Wooden Hoe.png Gold Hoe File:Grid Gold Hoe.png Stone Hoe File:Grid Stone Hoe.png Iron Hoe File:Grid Iron Hoe.png Diamond Hoe File:Grid Diamond Hoe.png Glass Bottle File:Grid Glass Bottle.png
Wooden Pickaxe Grid Wooden Pickaxe.png Gold Pickaxe File:Grid Gold Pickaxe.png Stone Pickaxe Grid Stone Pickaxe.png Iron Pickaxe Grid Iron Pickaxe.png Diamond Pickaxe Grid Diamond Pickaxe.png Eye of Ender File:Grid Eye of Ender.png
Wooden Shovel File:Grid Wooden Shovel.png Gold Shovel File:Grid Gold Shovel.png Stone Shovel File:Grid Stone Shovel.png Iron Shovel File:Grid Iron Shovel.png Diamond Shovel File:Grid Diamond Shovel.png Fire Charge File:Grid Fire Charge.png
Spawn Eggs
Spawn Creeper File:Grid Spawn Creeper.png Spawn Skeleton File:Grid Spawn Skeleton.png Spawn Spider File:Grid Spawn Spider.png Spawn Zombie File:Grid Spawn Zombie.png Spawn Slime File:Grid Spawn Slime.png Spawn Ghast File:Grid Spawn Ghast.png
Spawn Pig Zombie File:Grid Spawn Pig Zombie.png Spawn Enderman File:Grid Spawn Enderman.png Spawn Cave Spider File:Grid Spawn Cave Spider.png Spawn Silverfish File:Grid Spawn Silverfish.png Spawn Blaze File:Grid Spawn Blaze.png Spawn Magma Cube File:Grid Spawn Magma Cube.png
Spawn Pig File:Grid Spawn Pig.png Spawn Sheep File:Grid Spawn Sheep.png Spawn Cow File:Grid Spawn Cow.png Spawn Chicken File:Grid Spawn Chicken.png Spawn Squid File:Grid Spawn Squid.png Spawn Wolf File:Grid Spawn Wolf.png
Spawn Mooshroom File:Grid Spawn Mooshroom.png Spawn Villager File:Grid Spawn Villager.png Spawn Ocelot File:Grid Spawn Ocelot.png
Bucket File:Grid Bucket.png Water Bucket Grid Water Bucket.png Lava Bucket Grid Lava Bucket.png Milk Bucket File:Grid Milk Bucket.png
Wooden Sword File:Grid Wooden Sword.png Gold Sword File:Grid Gold Sword.png Stone Sword File:Grid Stone Sword.png Iron Sword File:Grid Iron Sword.png Diamond Sword File:Grid Diamond Sword.png Arrow File:Grid Arrow.png
Bow Grid Bow.png Snowball Grid Snowball.png
Leather Cap File:Grid Leather Cap.png Gold Helmet File:Grid Gold Helmet.png Chain Armor Helmet File:Grid Chain Armor Helmet.png Iron Helmet File:Grid Iron Helmet.png Diamond Helmet File:Grid Diamond Helmet.png
Leather Tunic Grid Leather Tunic.png Gold Chestplate File:Grid Gold Chestplate.png Chain Armor Chestplate File:Grid Chain Armor Chestplate.png Iron Chestplate Grid Iron Chestplate.png Diamond Chestplate File:Grid Diamond Chestplate.png
Leather Pants File:Grid Leather Pants.png Gold Leggings File:Grid Gold Leggings.png Chain Armor Leggings File:Grid Chain Armor Leggings.png Iron Leggings File:Grid Iron Leggings.png Diamond Leggings File:Grid Diamond Leggings.png
Leather Boots File:Grid Leather Boots.png Gold Boots File:Grid Gold Boots.png Chain Armor Boots File:Grid Chain Armor Boots.png Iron Boots File:Grid Iron Boots.png Diamond Boots File:Grid Diamond Boots.png
Boat File:Grid Boat.png Minecart Grid Minecart.png Minecart with Furnace File:Grid Minecart with Furnace.png Minecart with Chest File:Grid Minecart with Chest.png
Painting File:Grid Painting.png Gold Disc File:Grid Gold Disc.png Green Disc File:Grid Green Disc.png Blocks Disc File:Grid Blocks Disc.png Chirp Disc File:Grid Chirp Disc.png Far Disc File:Grid Far Disc.png
Mall Disc File:Grid Mall Disc.png Mellohi Disc File:Grid Mellohi Disc.png Stal Disc File:Grid Stal Disc.png Strad Disc File:Grid Strad Disc.png Ward Disc File:Grid Ward Disc.png 11 Disc File:Grid 11 Disc.png

Put uploaded images in Category:Grid images and mod images in Category:Grid mods.

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