Tutorial/Fuel Production

Producing Fuel Can (Filled) is a multistep process, and benefits greatly from RedPower (Buildcraft could also be used) automation. The basic logic is similar for both the Biofuel Cell and the Coalfuel Cell.

For Biofuel filled fuel cans:

  1. 8 Saplings, Leaves, Wheat or Sugar Cane are crafted into a Plantball.
  2. Which is compressed into Compressed Plants.
  3. That is crafted with an Empty Cell to make a Bio Cell.
  4. This Bio Cell is then put into an Extractor to make a Biofuel Cell.
  5. 6 Biofuel Cells are put into aCanning Machine with empty fuel cans to make filled fuel cans.

For Coalfuel filled fuel cans:

  1. Coal is put through a Macerator to produce Coal Dust .
  2. This Coal Dust is then crafted with a Water Bucket or aWater Cell to make Hydrated Coal Dust .
  3. This is then compressed into a Compressed Hydrated Coalclump .
  4. TheCompressed Hydrated Coalclump is then crafted with an Empty Cell to make a H. Coal Cell .
  5. After extracting the H. Coal Cell you get a Coalfuel Cell.
  6. 6 Coalfuel Cells will fill one empty fuel can in a Canning Machine .

Because this is a multistep process, carrying one item between machines and crafting benches is pesky. One would do well to invest in some fairly simple automation. Start off by crafting Plantballs manually, as it is easy to do after harvesting a wheatfield. Deployer can be set up to take water from a Tank and then pass to an Automatic Crafting Table to produce Hydrated Coal Dust.

Assemble the following pieces and connect them as described:


        /\         \/

        D           I



A) Chest with adjacent Transposer*: This is where your Plantballs and Hydrated Coal Dusts go. Hooking the Transposer to a Timer will shoot these into your Compressor if you Pneumatic Tube them into the top of the Compressor.

B) Compressor with adjacent Transposer, tubed to a chest: Finished Compressed Plants and Compressed Hydrated Coalclumps will travel into the chest when done.

C) Chest with adjacent Sorter**, tubed to two differently ntnted tubes, into two different (E) Automatic Crafting Table Mk II (): Mk II tables take ingredients from their (large) inventory and assemble output based on the recipe provided. Since Bio Cell and H. Coal Cell use similar but still different recipes, you'll need two crafting tables for this. Paint the tubes using a Paint Brush so that the green stuff goes into the green tube and the black stuff goes into the black tube. Configure the Sorter accordingly.

D) Automated Crafting Table Mk II with Transposer on top, also tubed to the two different (E) Mk IIs: This will be your Empty Cell producer. Stuff this full of Tin Ingot and place, in the 3x3 crafting grid on the Mk II, the recipe for Empty Cell. Every tick of the Timer will send out an Empty Cell towards your two nearby crafting stations for Bio Cell and H. Coal Cell.

E) 2 Automated Crafting Table Mk II, each with a Transposer on top, both tubed to an Extractor: In one of these, place the recipe for H. Coal Cell. In the other, place the recipe for Bio Cell. Every tick of the Timer will send a filled can to the Extractor.

F) Extractor with adjacent Transposer, tubed to a chest: This is where your now extracted Coalfuel Cell and Biofuel Cell will go.

G) Chest with adjacent Transposer, tubed to the top of a Canning Machine: This will place Coalfuel Cell and Biofuel Cell into the top slot of a Canning Machine so that they can be processed as fuel. 6 of either are required to fill a fuel tank.

H) Automated Crafting Table Mk II with Transposer on top, tubed to the bottom of a Canning Machine: Place the recipe for Fuel Can (Empty) into the crafting grid, and fill the inventory of the table with tin. This will assemble tanks to be placed itno the bottom slot of the Canning Machine so that they can be filled with fuel. Fuel cans are tin hungry to produce initially, but they are not consumed when fed into a Generator or Alloy Furnace, so you will get them back after unloading their contents. Place any empty fuel cans into the right (output) slot of the crafting grid on this Mk II to also send them to the canner.

I) Canning Machine with Transposer on the left, tubed to (several) chests: This is what will produce your Fuel Can (Filled). Due to a bug, the only valid output from a Canning Machine is to the left, so you must place your Transposer there. Send their output to one or more storage chests, the bigger the better, because Fuel Can (Filled) do not stack.

J) Profit! (this had to be there).

(* Transposers have specific directionality -- the + end should face what they are drawing items from, and on the opposite side, the o end will enter any connected item with an inventory or Pneumatic Tube. They also require a redstone signal in order to operate.)

(** Sorters also have the same directionality as do Transposers. They require both a redstone signal to operate and a source of Blutricity to turn on. )

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